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Lost Ark Starter Pack: Skins, Pets, Mounts, and More

Everything you need to know about the new Lost Ark starter packs.

Lost Ark has now officially fully launched with the free to play version coming out on February 11. This means the original Founder’s Packs have now been retired, but new Lost Ark starter packs have been introduced, including new skins, mounts, pets, and more. 

What Are Lost Ark Starter Packs?

Starter packs are a new pack on sale on Steam to give players some in-game goodes. They come as a replacement to Founder’s Packs, which have now been removed due to the full release. Here’s what’s in each starter pack:

Apprentice Starter Pack
Explorer Starter Pack
Venquisher Starter Pack
30 Day Crystalline Aura30 Day Crystalline Aura30 Day Crystalline Aura
Novice Progression Support ChestNovice Progression Support ChestNovice Progression Support Chest
Achatemeow Pet Selection BoxAchatemeow Pet Selection Box
Dyorika Warhorse MountDyorika Warhorse Mount
Character Expansion SlotCharacter Expansion Slot
Exclusive Skin
Character Appearance Change
Legendary Rapport Chest

For those wondering, the Novice Progression Support Chest includes a few goodies, such as trade tools, Silver, and some consumables to help you progress through Arkesia.  

Lost Ark Starter Pack Skins, Mounts, and Pets

If you’re after one of the more expensive starter packs, you’ll definitely be interested in the skins, mounts, and pets on offer. Here’s how they all look: 

All Lost Ark Starter Pack Skins:

lost ark starter pack skins
Lost Ark starter pack skins – you can only pick one.

Lost Ark Starter Pack Pet:

lost ark starter packs pet
The starter pack pet options.

Lost Ark Starter Pack Mount:

lost ark starter pack mount
The starter pack mount.

Alongside these cosmetics, you can also find useful things like character expansion slots, rapport gift selection, and more. You can purchase the packs in the Steam store page.

The packs are a good way to secure some extra crystalline aura, as well as some nice limited-time cosmetics, if you’re willing to pay a little bit more.