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Lost Ark March Update Release Notes

Lost Ark released its March update today with the Kadan Story, Argos Abyss raid, Competitive PVP, and the Arkesia Grand Prix!

Lost Ark released its March update today, on March 10 that includes updates to the Kadan Story, Lost Ark’s first Abyss raid and Competitive PVP, and the Arkesia Grand Prix Event!


Experience a new storyline, complete with its own quests, new islands, and cinematic moments. To start this line of story quests, players will have to have completed Feiton, Yorn and a string of quests from Whispering Islet and Illusion Bamboos Island. This content has a recommended level of 1100.


Lost Arks Abyss Raid requires 8 players that will require players to progress through 3 phases. Each with their own rewards. Each phase has a higher item level requirement.

  • Phase 1 – Item Level 1370
  • Phase 2 – Item Level 1385
  • Phase 3 – Item Level 1400

To be able to participate in the Argos Abyss Raid, players will have to complete a special quest. Players can also find a group and enter the encounter using the “Find Party” button located below the mini-map. For how to progress your gear to Raid level, check out our Gear Progression guide here – Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide: Tier 1 to Tier 3 – Lost Ark Hub


Arkesia Grand Prix is a 7v7 race that will pit two teams against each other in a race against each other to finish while trying to prevent the other team from doing the same! The Grand Prix will be available for around a month. Players must be level 50 to compete.


Competitive Proving Grounds (PVP) is finally making its way to the West! The first season of Team Deathmatch will provide players with “prestige and rewards” and will allow players to track their ranking across each match. To hop into the Competitive Proving Grounds, players must reach Tier 1.

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